Mano Musica Melbourne


We are very proud of our Sonodore omnidirectional microphones and pre-amps, handmade in the Netherlands by Rens Hejnis. They have a significantly higher dynamic range and lower distortion than conventional microphones. This enables us to capture every nuance of the performance including the acoustic quality of the venue. Where needed, we use a minimum of quality spot microphones for additional stereo cue information.


We record straight to a mirrored (RAID 1) hard disc using mastering-grade Merging and Mytek converters. The finest sample-rate conversion software from Merging Technologies is used to create the final CD, ensuring a sound that is as close to the original high-resolution master as possible.


For the recording and editing process we use Pyramix 11. This is a high-resolution audio workstations specially designed for classical music editing and high-end mastering applications. It also provides the basis for DSD recording and mastering, a technology we are actively promoting. We also use a full range monitoring system by Lipinski (707) & B&W.


St Patrick's Cathedral, Ballarat

Heinrich Schutz in country Victoria


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