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irolamo Frescobaldi writes at the conclusion of Toccata IX from Secondo libro di Toccata 1627...

      'It takes great effort to reach the end'

(Non senza fatiga si giunge al fine).


It is with this philosophy that all of our productions are approached.


Whether it be in the choice of equipment and venue, or the attention to detail paid during the recording, producing and editing process, the aim is for a result that is both technically at the leading edge of current recording practice and is a musical and rewarding production of high artistic value.


One doesn't just try and create a 'recording' - that would be boring! A world is created where the listener becomes involved in the performance, and the emotion and drama of that performance is captured.


This is the real essence of a fine recording.


Thomas Grubb



/ma:no mu'zi:ka/ - having a hand for music

recording - post production - mastering





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